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Architect, Cloud-native, Engineer

Passionate about cloud architecture and software development.

Grzegorz Polek

I am a software architect focused on cloud-native technologies, distributed systems and migration to the cloud. I helped to architect and deploy complex systems based on Kubernetes, DC/OS and other container technologies. I am experienced with all major cloud providers like Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform. I like to work in multidisciplinary teams following DevOps and Agile principles.

I am a Software Architect at G2A, world's largest marketplace for digital products where the main vision is to reinvent the simplicity of global trade. I am responsible for application platform aiming to increase developers performance, operations efficiency and production maintainability.

Previously, I worked at Grand Parade, part of William Hill as a DevOps Engineer responsible for delivering the next gen betting platform behind William Hill and Star Sports and other betting sites as a white-label solution.

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My Services

What can I do for you?

Development Operations

I can help you to adopt DevOps principles in your company by implementing cultural change across your organization.

Continuous Integration

I can implement Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery for your team and company using Jenkins or other popular commercial products like Bamboo, TeamCity, TravisCI, CircleCI.

Cloud Management

I manage Azure, AWS, Google Cloud environments with proven experience of 4+ years with cloud-native mindset and Infrastructure as a Code approach.


I can implement monitoring and metrics for your stack by using popular solutions like Prometheus, Fluentd, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Kibana.


I can work with QA Engineers to build and contiuously improve the test suite for your stack.


I can check your environment and applications through penetration testing and help you add security into your DevOps pipeline.

Backend Development

With knowledge of Python, Node.js, Golang and others technologies I can build backend services, RESTful apis and real-time appplications.

Web Development

Over 10 years of experience in modern web development and web design.

Mobile Development

I can create APIs for mobile or help you with development of mobile web applications for iOS and Android devices using cross-platform tools like React Nativen.

My Skills

What I already know or what I am doing on my current position.


You can read more on my Curriculum Vitae at gpolek.com

My Resume

7+ years of working experience 10+ years of domain knowledge

Work Experience

Software Architect

G2A.com / October 2018 - Present

3+ months

Senior DevOps Engineer

G2A.com / May 2017 - October 2018

1 year 6 months

IT Supervisorr

G2A.com / Sep 2017 - July 2018

11 months

- Responsible for technical recommendations.
- Provide technical & architectural guidelines for IT projects.
- Prepare, design and maintain technical documentation & architecture diagrams of IT projects.
- Communicate with business about technical problems and decisions.
- Cooperate with vendors and technological partners.
- Coordinate implementation of IT standards and technology choices across projects.
- Work with DevOps / Operations to ensure reliability of releases and environments.

DevOps Engineer

G2A.com / February 2017 - May 2017

4 months

- Participate in project teams in developing/building IT solutions to meet business requirements.
- Coordinates development activities with other groups.
- Lead and guides the design, development of reusable components.
- Perform script maintenance and update due to changes in requirements or implementations.
- Build automated deployments using configuration management technology.
- Contribute to and review deployment plans; schedules the installation of new modules, upgrades and fixes to the production environment.
- Work with Release Management to ensure modules are production ready.
- Create release notes, deployment plans, etc.
- Verify the functionality of components and services and ensure deployment meets client's expectations.
- Plan ongoing routine application maintenance tasks.
- Establish requirements, methods and procedures for routine maintenance.
- Oversee and assist in production support.

DevOps Engineer

Grand Parade / October 2015 - February 2017

1 year 4 months

- Continuous Deployment, automated rollback and failover in Ansible.
- Continuous Integration. Writing build/test/deploy pipelines.
- Continuous Performance Management. Measuring performance and working with developers to improve it (Gatling, Scala, JVM).
- Administration of databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Couchbase, Cassandra) and messaging systems (Kafka, RabbitMQ)
- Administration of web servers (Nginx, HAProxy). Load balancing.
- Administration of big data clusters (Spark, Hadoop, HBase)
- Network and Linux virtual machines administration to some extent. Autoscaling (Google Cloud, Amazon).
- Containerisation / packaging. Distributed component integration/troubleshooting (Docker).
- Log aggregation (Kibana / Logstash)
- Availability Monitoring (Zabbix, Consul)
- Metrics and Statistics (StatsD, Riemann, Graphite, InfluxDB)

Technical Support Engineer

Grand Parade / March 2015 - October 2015

8 months

I was responsible for all Grand Parade's products and services, maintenance, performance optimization, bug fixes and troubleshooting. I was working on daily basis with real time systems that manage payments, transactions, live trade and betting.

- Contribute to automating the build deployment of software and application services.
- Deploy software patches, upgrades and perform post deployment verification.
- Deploy new applications and services.
- Expand and add capacity for existing applications.
- Provide 12x7 operational support (L3) when on-call.
- Perform complex troubleshooting of multiple applications, monitor and improve operations performance, security and resources usage.
- Submit and implement change requests.
- Transfer operations support knowledge through training and writing technical documentation and KB articles.
- Collaborate with various DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering teams to engineer and manage the Continuous Delivery Platform.

Mobile Web Developer

Grand Parade / July 2014 - February 2015

8 months

I was responsible for development of sport betting systems and content mangement solutions for betting industry. Working on both frontend and backend solutions to ensure high accessibility over all platforms.

- Collaboration with experienced designers to implement user-facing features in company’s products
- Supporting diverse clients from high powered desktop to tablets and mobile phones
- Optimization of cross-browser web applications
- Working on smooth animations
- Working with SVG and Canvas
- Building efficient and reusable front-end systems and abstraction
- Developing prototypes

Web Developer

Hamilton May / April 2012 - June 2014

2 years 3 months

I was responsible for working on a range of projects, designing appealing websites and interacting on a daily basis with graphic designers and developers. My work was mainly focused on building custom solutions and systems used internally by Hamilton May.

- Working on custom Content Management solutions for internal use.
- Implementing Commission solutions to ease daily work of real estate managers.
- Building appealing frontend websites and landing pages.
- Performance optimization of real estate / property management databases systems
- IT support for Warsaw and Krakow offices.


Modifico / September 2005 - Present

10+ years

Self-employment, more info on https://modifico.pl


Master of Science (MSc) Computer Science in Industry

AGH University of Science and Technology / 2014 - 2016


While studying 'Computer Science in Industry', I have gained knowledge from areas like computer graphics, computer-mediated communication, conceptual graphs, database systems, decision support systems, general purpose multiprocessor, microprocessor applications, operating system design, software engineering and user interface management systems.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Applied Computer Science

AGH University of Science and Technology / 2010 - 2014


While studying Applied Computer Science, I have learned how to use the newest programming techniques and how to adapt existing software to particular industrial conditions. I am skilled in using numerical modelling and artificial intelligence software, expert systems, graphics and multimedia techniques and technical device maintenance systems.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Amazon AWS / 2019 - 2021

Certification number: F5H7RG2CBNVQ1RS7

View Certificate

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Microsoft / 2019 - 2021

Certification number: H029-9667

View Certificate

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft / 2018 - 2020

Certification number: G870-1886

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The Use of Formal Knowledge Representation in Operating on Resources Concerning Cast Iron Processing

Archives of Foundry Engineering / ISSN (1897-3310) / Mar 31, 2015

The problem of materials selection in terms of their mechanical properties during the design of new products is a key issue of design. The complexity of this process is mainly due to a multitude of variants in the previously produced materials and the possibility of their further processing improving the properties. In everyday practice, the problem is solved basing on expert or designer knowledge. The paper is the proposition of a solution using computer-aided analysis of material experimental data, which may be acquired from external data sources. In both cases, taking into account the rapid growth of data, additional tools become increasingly important, mainly those which offer support for adding, viewing, and simple comparison of different experiments. In this paper, the use of formal knowledge representation in the form of an ontology is proposed as a bridge between physical repositories of data in the form of files and user queries, which are usually formulated in natural language. The number and the sophisticated internal structure of attributes or parameters that could be the criteria of the search for the user are an important issue in the traditional data search tools. Ontology, as a formal representation of knowledge, enables taking into account the known relationships between concepts in the field of cast iron, materials used and processing techniques. This allows the user to receive support by searching the results of experiments that relate to a specific material or processing treatment. Automatic presentation of the results which relate to similar materials or similar processing treatments is also possible, which should make the conducted analysis of the selection of materials or processing treatments more comprehensive by including a wider range of possible solutions.

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You can view this in CV ready form at gpolek.com

My Blog

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